As a Kansas native, I was born in Liberal, Kansas. However, I have called Winfield my home for the last 18 years. My earliest memories of being interested in shooting photos and video was when I would borrow (or more or less steal) my parents Sony 8mm tape camcorder, and point it at just about anything and everything I saw. Even from such a young age, I loved to observe and listen to the world around me. I remember being so excited to watch the shaky and noisy footage, that the small camcorder produced and thinking how cool it was that a device could do such a thing.

When I went to Winfield High School, I continued to explore my love for shooting video as I learned how to edit video and properly set up a camera, microphone, lights etc. With my friends, I would create dozens of videos for fun and just about any school project we could justify a video interpretation of. My love of the hobby along with my love for playing music, lead me to begin studying Film with a minor in Music  at Southwestern College. Just before beginning my freshmen year at SC, I started filming my first weddings and started my own videography business called Olney Productions. Throughout college, I have had incredible opportunities to work on an array of unique video and photo projects.